How to Barspin on a BMX

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This article describes how to get big air on bikes and learn how to do a good bar spin.


  1. Get more distance on a jump. When you come up the lip of your jump, shift your weight backwards and then quickly to the front at the apex of the jump. This will maximize the amount of distance possible.
  2. Do the air trick for a barspin. As you put your weight forward, flick the handles with your hand, and then catch the handles as you land and roll away. This takes practice, so dont expect to get it right the first time.
  3. You can also put your strong foot on the back peg to get a flatland barspin goin.
  4. Then put your less strong hand under the front of your seat, then pull up and try to flick your handlebars and catch them after they do a full 360.


Learn how to do the Bar Spin BMX trick so you can further your array of techniques you can display while riding your bike.

Alternate Method

  1. Get going at a good speed.
  2. Lean back and pinch your seat with your knees.
  3. Pull up and spin the bars whichever way feels most natural.
  4. Keep your eyes on the bars and catch when they have made a full rotation leaning forward and releasing your seat at the same time. It is important to catch the bars with the opposite hand you threw them with (if you threw with your left, catch with your right and vise versa).


  • When you spin the bars, spin them at your pace. Your pace might take awhile to find, but soon enough you will get it.
  • Learn to bunnyhop first if you try to do a bunnyhop barspin. If you cant bunnyhop high enough, maybe this trick wont be suitable to do.
  • Look for a spot where youll do your bunny hop on the roll up, puts you in the frame of mind for the trick. give it a go!


  • This can be very hard to complete.
  • Wear proper protective gear when attempting to do jumps and complex air tricks.
  • Be safe. You can break your fingers doing this.
  • Be sure you can get enough air because you can REALLY REALLY hurt yourself landing while trying to a bar spin.
  • just trust yourself

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