How to Do Pogos on a Flatland Bmx Bike

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Easy way to learn how do pogos. These are not really cool tricks to watch, but they help with techniques that are essential for flatland BMX


  1. Ride at a slow speed.
  2. Put the pedal of your strong foot forward. This will help when you are done with the trick.
  3. Put both of your feet on the back pegs.
  4. Squeeze the front and back brakes at the same time. This will make you do a small endo.
  5. Lean back as the back of the bike is on its way back down and yank on the handlebars. This will make the fron end come up.
  6. Start hopping when the front end is high enough off the ground. You keep you balance by hopping slightly in the direction you are falling. For example if you are falling back, hop back a little bit.
  7. Put the front back down and put your foot to the pedal you put forward at the start of the trick.
  8. Push down hard, or you may fall over before you go anwhere
  9. Ride away.
  10. Some things you can also do in the trick to make it cooler are:
  11. Add a bar spin. This means take your hands off the handle bars and spin them between two hops.
  12. Jump the the front pegs while the bike is being let down and start hopping in them. After you are done, put your feet to the pedal and ride ride away.


  • Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect and if you dont want to practice, you may never get it.


  • This trick is not very dangerous, but caution should be exercised when performing this trick. There is always a chance of breaking something when doing BMX stunts.

Things You Will Need

  • A BMX bike with at least two back pegs. (Four pegs for one of the variations)
  • Good front and back brakes. (not the coaster type)

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